The department provides laboratories, large conference and social rooms, a student study room, and various related experimental equipment. In addition, students can also use the comprehensive equipment of various related departments to conduct research.

DTAIC has 5 laboratories including Consumer Demand and Marketing Research Office, Plant Bio-activities Laboratory, Controlled Environment Plant Physiology Research Laboratory, Plant Tissue Culture Research Laboratory, and Aqua Molecular Genetics Laboratory. It also has a plant cultivation greenhouse, an aquatic practice greenhouse, an internship farm, and a detection dog training center undertaking government programs.
Plant Bio-activities Laboratory
This lab analyzes and develops the application of natural materials extracted from plants in agricultural production, pests and diseases and soil replanting. Equipment includes full-spectrum spectrophotometer, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) system, vacuum freeze dryer, microtome, computer micro-control oven, PCR amplifier electrophoresis system, low-temperature high-speed centrifuge, growth chambers, aseptic laminar flow cabinet and various chemical analyzers. It can provide students with a complete research environment, and also cooperate with farm facilities for field trials.
Controlled Environment Plant Physiology Research Laboratory
This lab is a training based research laboratory that focuses on improving students' knowledge and skills in the field of agronomy, horticulture, irrigation science, and soil science. Equipped with a controlled environment greenhouse and relevant equipment and instruments, the lab provides a suitable environment for conducting high-quality research.
Plant Tissue Culture Research Laboratory
The lab is equipped with laminar airflow hoods, autoclaves, dissecting microscopes, growth chambers and temperature-controlled culture rooms. It is designed for the students to perform aseptic handling, micropropagation and germplasm preservation works.
Aqua Molecular Genetics Laboratory
This lab is designed to carry out research on the immunomodulation effects of probiotics on aquatic animals and the application of pharmacognosy on fish and shrimp disease control. It is equipped with QPCR amplifier electrophoresis system, low-temperature high-speed centrifuge, aseptic cell culture room with laminar flow cabinet, various chemical analyzers and a greenhouse for aquatic animal practical research.
Greenhouse (Plant)
Several greenhouse rooms for plant research and cultivation practice.
Greenhouse (Aquatic Animals)
Room equipped for aquatic research and experimental practice.
Experimental Field
Open field for students to carry out experimental practice and crop cultivation.
Detector Dog Training Center
This center in cooperation with the Agriculture Commission is responsible for cultivating and training airport customs detecting dogs to detect illegal crops, food products, etc, and to provide a line of defense for national homeland security.