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Core abilities

 Undergraduate Program


         1.Demonstration of basic knowledge in international tropical agriculture.

         2.Demonstration of ability to apply professional knowledge in solving agriculture issues.

         3.Demonstration of ability to participate in sustainable agriculture and international cooperation               projects.


  Master Program


       1.Demonstration of knowledge and problem-solving abilities in tropical agriculture; animal and

          plant production management, and marketing.

       2.Demonstration of the application of Agricultural Sciences and Agribusiness Management                   research methods.

       3.Demonstration of the ability to plan and execute international cooperation related research

          project in food, forestry, fishery, horticultur animal husbandry, and rural and agribusiness                   management related researches.

       4.Acquiring the required skills to communicate, coordinate, and cooperate.


 Ph.D. Program


        1.Demonstration of ability in R&D and Management of animal or plant productions.

        2.Demonstration of ability to conduct scientific research independently and innovatively.

        3.Demonstration of knowledge and ability in R&D, planning and executing international.

           cooperation projects


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